Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus region. Azerbaijan is a Muslim country where women are considered equal. Azeri girls are so beautiful because their country is a cross between Eastern Europe and Asia.

They are very shy because of their nature but if you know how to act you can get her trust. You should make her feel special with romantic date, compliments and giving her sweet names. When you have her trust, you will see how she likes to have fun. The girls love men who are a bit older and when you aren’t you need to show how grown-up and independent you are. They are well educated; most of them know at least 3 languages. They also have a life plan probably so they want a man who has answers to her questions and has a life plan. So they actually are looking for a man with financially success in every aspect of life. Family bonds and traditions are very important to beautiful Azeri girls. So if you want to date an Azeri girl, you should try to be caring and talk on family issues. This will make her feel comfortable next to you and you will get her trust easily in that way.

Girls from Azerbaijan like going out at night but you can’t find them alone. Because they usually hang out with their group of friends. So if you want to get her attention you should also get her friends’ attention and maybe even their trust. So this will help you to attract her easily. If you like to marry a good moral valued girl of this country, you should also know her culture and traditions because if she want to have a serious relationship with you, she probably has to introduce you to her family.

Azeri girls have an exotic beauty and they like following fashion and make up trend. They care about themselves and they want to look beautiful at all hours of the day and night. If you want to get a beautiful Azeri girl as your new girlfriend or wife, first of all you should attract her with your confidence and mature look.