Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus region and this country is between Europe and Asia. That’s why Azeri men have an exotic charm. They have Turkish and Persian origin, also mixed with Russian and Arab culture. If you want to date an Azeri man , you should understand his background and culture.

Men from Azerbaijan are very polite and traditional people; they are respectful and considered with other ones. They are looking for a partner with manners and politeness. They are generally educated and know at least 3 languages. Family bonds and traditions are very important in Azerbaijan so Azeri man care about his family and children. If you will date Azeri man and you are a Western woman, do not be surprise how they will behave their women. They really like to surprise her with romantic dates, nice compliments and flowers and they have respect to their children’s mother. In Azerbaijan, people are mostly believed in Islam but most of them do not follow all the traditions about it.

They mostly follow Turkish tv series and fashion in Turkey. They look really handsome when they go out with girls. They like having fun at home as well as they like having fun in nightclubs.

Azerbaijan men like going out at nights and having fun with their girlfriends. They also like sports and that’s why they generally have athletic body type.  They want to merry a girl who will cook for him and take care of her family. So if you want to merry an exotic man, that’s him you are looking for in Azerbaijan for sure.

Family values, and exposure to other ways of life play significant roles in determining what Azeri men thinks of life in general and love in particular. You should understand your partner well and letting that determine whether or not you love him enough to override cultural differences.  If you want to date Azeri man, you should learn some words in their language and try to speak with him in his language, he will definitely love it.