Probably the men of Azerbaijan are the luckiest in the world. Because women in Azerbaijan is really beautiful like they are in red carpet all day long. They have a mixed beauty of European and Asian.

Azerbaijan is a Muslim country where the women are considered equal. They are really smart and sweet. Even if they are very traditional and care about family traditions they know how to spend time with fun.

Women from Azerbaijan have tanned skin, usually dark eyes and hair. They actually like putting on make up but they have natural beauty so they don’t need make up everyday. They follow European fashion style and they want to look stylish in events. Some of them like conservative clothing but you can’t find any women wearing hijab unless you are in a small village.

Most of the population in Azerbaijan claims the Muslim faith, however less than 50% practice it. Azeri women usually hang up with her group of friends so you can rarely see her alone. They are well behaved and very educated. Those  beautiful women can speak English, Turkish and Russian. They like partying and going out at night. They really like dancing and nightclubs.  Dancing is one of the most important traditions in their culture.  They care about their families and have tight family bonds. They want to have children and happy family with their beloved husbands.

They are especially looking for a man who wants to settle down, as they want to get married and have children.

If you are a mature man then you can easily find a beautiful Azeri girl or woman as your new girlfriend or wife. They are attracted to Westerner men because they think that Western men can make them happy in every aspect.

If you want a happy relationship with an Azeri woman, you can approach her easily. Even if they are a little bit shy, they love when men acknowledge them.

You can call Azeri women as social butterflies because they love to have fun and you can make her surprise with small presents.  If you will meet an Azeri woman don’t forget to call her with sweet names because they will really like it.